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  You can share your event with family and friends that are unable to attend with our live video webcast ability.

  Viewing our streaming video feeds requires a high speed Internet connection for the best experience and a user name and password which is supplied by our Hall Director during or after registration for your event.  Both Internet Explorer and Safari (Mac and iPad) web browsers usually work well for viewing.  Other web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome may not be compatible with our embedded webpage streaming video feeds.  Internet Explorer users will be required to download and install the Axis Media Control plug-in to view a video stream which will initiate a installation prompt when viewing one of our video feeds for the first time.

  Embedded Webpage Video Stream  (Internet Explorer or Safari)

  For those that may be having trouble viewing any of the live video channels through our embedded webpage video player, you can try our standalone video streaming player using the link below.  The standalone player has available options for selecting the quality of the video image to best suite your Internet connection but Internet Explorer is required for full compatibility.  Some viewing options may require you to download additional browser plug-ins if prompted.  You will usually need administrator privileges on your computer to install additional browser plug-ins.

  Standalone Streaming Video Player  (Internet Explorer only)